Moving to Bayreuth: Is my German level good enough?

Nicoleta Dvornicov steht vor einem Plakat

By Nicoleta Dvornicov

A dream coming true

Wait until you grow up, and you will be able to travel everywhere you want,” my mother used to tell me when I was little, dreaming of faraway places, new languages, different cultures and delicious cuisine. Travelling outside my home country, Moldova, seemed, at that time, a dream that would not come true anytime soon due to the economic situation after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Now, twenty years later, I can happily say that my mother was right. Once I graduated high-school in my home country, I moved to the United States to do my bachelor’s degree at Berea College, studied abroad for a semester in Mexico, finished my master’s degree at the University of the Basque Country in Spain, came to Germany and in February, 2020 I started working at the University of Bayreuth.

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