More Impressions on Value-Focused Decision-Making

Von Marie Schlack & Raphael Seeßle,
Studierende der Betriebswirtschaftslehre im 2. Mastersemester

” Of course, I often faced consequences in my life that I didn’t appreciate, but I never blamed my decision making competence for that. Having this in mind, I actually did not anticipate that the seminar with Prof. Keeney would change much in my life. (…) In fact, I learned a lot more than I expected.” – Marie Schlack


“Keeney gave us insights into his life and how he himself used value-focused thinking to optimize his decisions. These practical examples showed that value-focused thinking is not just a theoretical concept, but rather a practical tool to purposefully influence the quality of oneself live.”
Raphael Seeßle


Value focused decision making – How to be successful by thoughtful decision making?

Von Angela Danner, Leiterin der Zentralen Servicestelle Presse, Marketing und Kommunikation der Universität Bayreuth

Selecting a university, choosing a dissertation topic, pursuing friendships, arranging an internship, finding a place to study abroad, getting a well payed summer job, accepting an employment offer. There are numerous decision tasks in a student´s life to be made which have a big impact on the personal future. But how to do it properly? Is there a right way of decision making (with the effect of enhancing the quality of life) or is there a power of thinking without thinking and no need to put much effort in it?

This is the beginning of a scientific workshop on decision making, guided by PD Dr. Johannes Siebert (University of Bayreuth) in cooperation with Professor Dr. Ralph L. Keeney (Duke University, USA).

Prof. Keeney und Dr. Siebert - Foto: Jonas Föhr

Prof. Keeney und Dr. Siebert  / Foto: Jonas Föhr