„Time in quarantine can actually be quite enjoyable if you are an academic“

Symbolbild Bericht von Prof. Pinheiro-Walla aus Israel

Prof. Dr. Alice Pinheiro-Walla, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Bayreuth, is currently spending a research stay in Israel at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Shortly after her arrival, a quarantine was imposed on persons entering Israel from Germany and other countries. She writes to us how she is doing and what unpredicted aspects such an exceptional situation can have.

Jerusalem, 18th March 2020.

I arrived in Jerusalem a few days before the travel restrictions started. I came as a visiting professor at the political sciences department of the Hebrew University. I was charmed by the beautiful campus on Mount Scopus and found accommodation at the nearby Scopus Student Village, just 10 minutes walk from my office. I was warmly received by my host, Prof. Daniel Schwartz. The coffee was excellent, the food delicious, the sky bright blue. From my apartment balcony I could get a glimpse of the old city of Jerusalem. „„Time in quarantine can actually be quite enjoyable if you are an academic““ weiterlesen

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